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Q1).What is the active ingredient of GenesisO2 ?
It is hovenia berry extract(HD-1).

Q2).What is Hovenia  ?
Hovenia is native Korean tree that grows only in the uncontaminated mountains.
We call its berries Korean Raisin(a.k.a. Jiguja). It has been highly prized by oriental
herbalists for centuries  The tree is mentioned  in old Korean traditional medicine books
dating hundreds of years back

Q3). What are the beneficial substances?
After years of research, the Lifetree scientists have succeeded in identifying and
isolatng beneficial substance in its berries.
We named it HD-1,the active material in
GenesisO2. It
contains significant concentrations of hovenia-based Flavoniod, anti-
oxidant and saponin, such as hovenitin Ⅱ, hovenitin Ⅲ and various hovenosides.

Q4). What are the benefits of Hovenia berry extract ( HD-1)?
Study tells that HD-1 may help to reverse the conditions of alcohol and non-alcohol
induced condision  detoxification.

Q5). Is there any side effects?
. No . It is 100% all natural.

Q6). Do you have any clinical research data?
Yes, it was clinically proven by and approved by Korean FDA

Q7). Why did you take a Doping Analysis Test?
Due to showing  fast effectiveness and color change of urine.
According to the Doping Test, hovenia has no effects on drug test results.